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Shiatsu is a Japanese healing art. It is a manual therapy that supports and strenghtens the body's natural ability to heal. Shiatsu originated in Japan from traditional Chinese medicine, with influences from more recent Western therapies.


Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’ in Japanese and has often been referred to as acupuncture without the needles; in practice a practitioner uses touch, comfortable pressure and manipulative techniques to adjust the body’s energy flow. It is a deeply relaxing experience and regular treatments can alleviate stress and illness and maintain health and well-being.


Qi (Ch-ee) is the body’s vital energy that flows through the meridians or energetic pathways in the body.  When Qi is flowing, the body feels healthy, energetic and vibrant, balanced in both body and mind.  When Qi becomes blocked, physical, emotional and mental issues start to appear.

By applying pressure to the body along the meridians we can free up and even out the Qi flow in the body, incorporating the satisfaction of touch with energy balancing. 


With the combination of treatment sessions, recommendations on dietary adjustments, simple Qi Kung and breathing exercises, the client will be encouraged to bring mindfulness into all areas of their life.


  • stress, burn-out, fatigue

  • headaches, migraine

  • back, hip, shoulder, neck, knee and ankle problems

  • PMS, menopause

  • low immune system

  • insomnia

  • digestive disorders

  • emotional problems


The first session involves a consultation, exploring all the different systems in the body, so even if you are coming to me with a single complaint we will endeavour to look at the body as a whole -  emotionally and physically, enabling your Shiatsu session to be a rewarding holistic treatment enhancing positive health.

This will be followed by a tailored-for-you Shiatsu treatment which will be individual and unique, catering for your  specific needs.  At the end of the session there is a short period of rest to allow integration and assimilation.

Follow up sessions will involve a short check in before receiving shiatsu body work. Multiple sessions are encouraged to strengthen, spur, and fortify the momentum of change.


  • Shiatsu is given through loose comfortable clothing (no jeans)

  • Refrain from eating a big meal before your session

  • Drink plenty of water after your session to help the body flush out any toxins released and take some rest.


To book your appointment please call: +31 (0) 6 1425 2075 or book online.

To cancel your booking please give notice at least 36 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. In case of cancellation shorter than 36 hours prior, cancellation costs will be charged.

The first treatment and consultation will last 75 minutes. Follow up sessions last for a maximum of 60 minutes.




Shiatsu-therapy is being reimbursed by most insurance companies in case of supplementary package. Please check your policy.

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